Asserting a Culture of Safety

Posted by Chris Morgan on 28-Aug-2014 14:09:00
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In our latest blog, Chris Morgan, group compliance director at SOCOTEC, introduces our ongoing safety initiative, Everyone’s Safety Goal.
Britain is one of the safest places to work in the world thanks to the landmark Health and Safety at Work Act, which was introduced a staggering 40 years ago. It has had significant benefits for employers and employees alike, saving lives, preventing injuries and reducing the costs of health and safety failures.

But we don’t think that it’s enough to simply abide by legislation. We believe making improvements in health and safety should be at the top of the agenda for every business and, for us, the safety of every one of our employees is of utmost importance.

Working together, our Safety Leadership Team has created a new, ongoing safety initiative called Everyone’s Safety Goal, which encompasses our health and safety commitment of SOCOTEC, formerly ESG, and our approach to staying safe, both on our own sites and when we are working at client locations.

As an employer, we take our duty of care for every single employee extremely seriously, putting in place clear training, as well as task-specific guidance and reporting protocols.

But it’s not just about the overarching responsibility of the company. We want every employee to work with us, making sure they follow our strict safety protocols at all times, as well as highlighting any observations or suggestions for improvement to us. In turn, we are committed to feeding back these observations and the resulting improvements through a ‘You Said… We Did…’ approach and our new style Safety Alerts which are easy to spot, read and implement. 


To foster the culture of safety, our Safety Leadership Team has set out the key principles for achievement that underpin Everyone’s Safety Goal:

Everyone’s in this together

  • We want everyone to share the vision of “everyone home safe, every day”
  • We believe everyone can, and should, use their judgement when it is not safe to do something
  • We want everyone to take personal responsibility to ‘See It. Sort it. Report It.’

Safety is not negotiable

  • It goes without saying that we will never intentionally ask an employee to do something that’s unsafe – that’s our commitment to them
  • We want our employees to challenge us if they ever feel unsure of anything – that’s their commitment to us

We achieve our goal when:

  • Everyone understands that nothing is so important that it can’t be done safely
  • Everyone is committed to finding another solution if it can’t be done safely
  • No-one is injured working for us, or with us

We are committed to continually monitoring our health and safety protocols to ensure that we can always stay one step ahead.

By making sure every employee is aware of the important role that they play - not only in keeping themselves and their colleagues safe at work, but also through intelligence in reporting - we can drive continuous improvement and guarantee we achieve our goal of getting everyone home safe, every day.

We’d love to hear what health and safety initiatives have worked in your company – why not share your experiences in the comments box below?

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