Becky Batham

Becky Batham is the specialist chemistry laboratory manager, Energy & Waste Services, and has worked for ESG since 2006. Becky‘s responsibilities include, managing a team of experienced scientists, who conduct a broad range of tests on diverse sample matrices, in addition to offering clients and staff her expert analytical support and advice. Becky has over a decade of experience working in UKAS accredited laboratories, a BSc (hons) degree in Forensic and Analytical Science and a PG certificate in Forensic Science.

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The Importance of Specialist Chemical Analysis

Posted by Becky Batham on 30-Mar-2016 11:40:50

SOCOTEC provides a range of specialist chemistry services and tests, including ICP analysis, BTEX testing, air quality analysis and metal testing. SOCOTEC’s Becky Batham, explains the importance of chemical analysis to both the environment and public safety.

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Topics: Specialist Chemistry, Air Quality, Energy & Waste Services, Air Testing, Chemical Analysis, ICP Analysis, BTEX Testing, Metal Testing

Why is Air Quality Testing So Important?

Posted by Becky Batham on 03-Dec-2015 13:43:00
The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) recent estimation that air pollution costs EU economies over £1 trillion every year has made air quality testing an increasingly pressing issue in Europe. Further figures from the WHO suggest poor air quality is responsible for around 500,000 deaths in Europe and 3.4 million globally every year, a worrying statistic.
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Topics: Environmental Monitoring, Air Quality, Energy & Waste Services, Air Testing