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Charlotte has been with SOCOTEC for over a decade. Starting her career as an Environmental Scientist, Charlotte has continued to specialise in her area of expertise and is now Operations Manager for SOCOTEC's Contaminated Land Business, which sits within Environment & Safety Services.

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Managing Material Reuse and Waste at Rail Depots

Posted by Charlotte Reeve on 29-Jan-2018 11:57:31

Waste is, quite essentially, any substance that is intended to be discarded. In this modern age, where landfill as a waste disposal option is considered a last resort, maximum material reuse and correct classification of waste is supporting the transition to more sustainable and cost effective material management - including at railways and rail depots.

With rail improvements and renovation nationwide, railway engineering and construction is a big part of the UK’s industry – producing unwanted material as a result.

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Topics: Rail, Contaminated Land, Waste Management

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