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David Gilmour is Business Manager for ESG’s East Kilbride environmental team. David’s role includes managing a team of technical staff covering laboratory and site based services and ensuring the quality, service and other deliverables exceed client expectations. Having joined ESG in 2001 after graduating in Environmental Sciences from Strathclyde University, David specialises in industrial waste water quality, environmental monitoring and pollution control. He is a member of the Water Management Society and holds associate membership of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) and the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS). Although specialising in environmental monitoring, David also has over 15 years’ experience of Legionella risk assessment and control, laboratory analysis, and occupational hygiene. A large amount of his work continues within the railway industry ensuring clients are compliant with environmental legislation.

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Monitoring Air Quality in UK Cities

Posted by David Gilmour on 02-May-2018 13:31:18

Population growth within UK cities has seen an increase in demand for infrastructure and associated services. Figures released from the Office of National Statistics suggest that, from mid-2011 to mid-2015, the average UK city had an average population increase of 3.4%, and the upward trend is set to continue in the coming decades.
The resulting environmental impact from this growth will see an increase in the levels of air pollution, which is projected to grow rapidly and compromises air quality through several sources. Indeed, in a recent report some 47 towns and cities across the UK are at, or have exceeded, air pollution limits set by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

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Topics: Air Pollution, Air Monitoring, emissions, Air Quality

Behind the Scenes at a Rail Depot: Keeping the Client Compliant

Posted by David Gilmour on 26-Jul-2017 11:23:56

David Gilmour, business manager, Built Environment Services, SOCOTEC, visited the maintenance depot of a long-term rail client for their monthly depot monitoring assessment, as part of SOCOTEC’s services to keep them compliant. Here, David tells us about his day on site to share what goes on behind the scenes.

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Topics: Built Environment Services, Rail, Fuel Testing, Effluent, Legionella, Groundwater

Make the Most of Summer on the Rail Network

Posted by David Gilmour on 23-Jun-2017 13:20:07

With the hopes of a bright and sunny British summer just around the corner, David Gilmour, Business Manager, Built Environment Services, SOCOTEC, has put together a summer checklist for all the rail-related tasks that are ideal for completing during the mild weather.

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Topics: Rail, Fuel Testing, Environmental Monitoring, drainage surveys

Top Tips for the Winterisation of Rail Operations

Posted by David Gilmour on 31-Jan-2017 08:34:22

Winter is well and truly upon us and with this comes a whole host of potential problems for the winterisation of rail operations, keeping trains running safely and to schedule. Here, David Gilmour, business manager – East Kilbride, Built Environment Services, SOCOTEC, has put together his top tips for keeping our railways operational during the worst of the winter weather.

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Topics: Rail, Legionella

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