George Bradley

George Bradley, BSc Hons, Eng Tech, MMES, has 35 years’ experience working in particular with sampling and sampling preparation of solid fuels. His early experience was focused around the logging and processing of coal exploration borehole cores and over the years this developed into a close understanding of all aspects associated with coal and its sample preparation and analysis. His knowledge has taken him to work on contracts in France, Sardinia, Nigeria, Czech Republic and three years of returning visits to Colombia where he provided a laboratory audit service to one of the largest surface mine operations in the world. The recent introduction of SRF and Biofuels into the energy market over the last ten years demanded a transition into a similar understanding of these fuels. This has led to his involvement in Solid Biofuel and Solid Recovered Fuel Standard development committees with CEN and ISO on behalf of BSI where he sits as a principal UK expert. On behalf of SOCOTEC, George offers consultancy with regard to sampling and analysis requirements for ROC applications and has hosted workshops on their behalf at SOCOTEC Bretby to assist in their understanding of Solid Biofuel sampling standard requirements.

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Investing in the Future Standards of Waste Derived Fuel

Posted by George Bradley on 05-Oct-2017 16:07:38

With many efforts worldwide to divert waste away from landfill sites and turning waste into energy, companies are beginning to invest in more and more in Energy from Waste (EfW) facilities in a bid to reduce the impact on the environment.

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Topics: Energy & Waste Services, Biofuels, Solid Recovered Fuels, Fuel Testing

A Circular Economy Fuelled by Global Standards

Posted by George Bradley on 11-Jan-2017 09:42:12

As the creation of a zero-carbon economy becomes an increasingly important priority, greater attention is being paid to solid recovered fuel (SRF) – fuel produced entirely from materials found in non-hazardous waste. George Bradley, business manager, Energy & Waste Services, SOCOTEC, is now the UK’s principal expert representing the British Standards Institute (BSI) on the International Standards Organisation’s (ISO) TC 300 Solid Recovered Fuel Technical committee. Having just returned from the group’s second plenary meeting in Tokyo, George explains its objectives and the importance of setting standards for testing and sampling SRF.

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Topics: EfW, SRF, Energy

Explaining the Energy from Waste Cycle

Posted by George Bradley on 13-Jan-2015 13:24:00
The Energy from Waste (EfW) cycle is an important but often poorly understood process in which energy is recovered in the form of heat and electricity from residual waste. SOCOTEC's George Bradley, business manager, Infrastructure & Energy Services, gives an insight into the process.
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Exhibiting Biomass Sampling, Preparation and Analysis Services at Nextgen

Posted by George Bradley on 10-Oct-2014 14:17:00
SOCOTEC's Energy Services team attended the Nextgen exhibition at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, sharing their expertise regarding environmental inspection, testing and compliance. Here, our guest blogger, business manager for SOCOTEC’s Energy Services team, George Bradley, tells us about thunderstorms, meeting existing and potential clients and the range of services we can provide.
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Exhibiting at RWM 2014: Day Three

Posted by George Bradley on 19-Sep-2014 14:15:00
It’s the final day of the RWM exhibition and as this year’s exhibition draws to a close, George Bradley, business manager, Energy Services, talks us through his highlights of the final day and tells us about some surprising successes that have come out of this year’s event:
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