Jonathan Harries

Jonathan is Technical Manager for SOCOTEC's environmental monitoring services. He has over 25 years’ experience of environmental monitoring within the railway sector at both technical and management level. Jonathan graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Applied Chemistry from the University of Portsmouth and has been with SOCOTEC, formerly ESG, since 1992.

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Phase One Environmental Surveys: Managing the Environmental Risk with a Desk Top Study

Posted by Jonathan Harries on 31-Aug-2018 13:36:00

Various activities undertaken at industrial sites can pose a potential environmental risk to that site or the surrounding environment. Commonly, previous occupants of a site or neighbouring premises can significantly impact on the contamination levels present in the land.  

Through their site operations, processes and material management, land can become contaminated with a variety of pollutants including hydrocarbons, heavy metals, process chemicals and asbestos containing materials. Careful environmental management and monitoring is fundamental to ensure the site is of a satisfactory state with regard to minimising any impact on human health or the wider environment.

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Topics: Environmental Monitoring, Contaminated Land, Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Cleaning up Effluent in the Rail Sector

Posted by Jonathan Harries on 29-Apr-2016 15:39:54

Jonathan Harries, SOCOTEC's technical manager for environmental monitoring, offers his top tips to help clean up the issue of effluent in the rail sector.

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Topics: Rail, Effluent

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