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Contamination Risk: Assessment and Mitigation Considerations

Posted by Paul Tilley on 29-May-2018 08:26:34

With rail improvements and renovation nationwide, railway engineering and construction is a big part of the UK’s industry.  Due to the history of railway land and the activities carried out on it, there is a risk of encountering contamination during – and even after – these works.

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Topics: Contaminated Land, Environmental Consultancy

Ten Reasons to Choose a Mobile Laboratory

Posted by Paul Tilley on 15-Mar-2017 13:41:41

Opting to use a mobile laboratory on-site has often been hailed as a flexible approach to contaminated land management. But why are so many project managers choosing this route to improve their overall delivery? Paul Tilley, operations director, for Geo-environmental, offers us ten reasons to use a mobile lab, and they are not just about time saving.

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Topics: Contaminated Land, Geoenvironmental, mobile laboratory

Hidden Hazards and How to Find Them

Posted by Paul Tilley on 25-May-2016 13:42:46

Burying utility equipment, such as electricity cables, phone wires, gas and sewage pipes has been general practice in the UK for more than 100 years. Undergrounding these services keeps them out of sight and protects them from being exposed to damaging above-ground elements, such as severe weather or vandalism.

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Topics: Infrastructure, Brownfield Site, Utilities

Taking a Flexible Approach to Contaminated Land Management

Posted by Paul Tilley on 03-Oct-2014 14:16:00
Paul Tilley, operations director in the Infrastructure Services division at SOCOTEC, spoke last week at the Scottish Contaminated Land Forum (SCLF) Conference 2014 about applications in effective contaminated land management. In our latest blog, Paul summarises what was discussed.
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