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Trevor Worrall is Business Development Manager for ESG’s Air & Emissions monitoring business. Having joined ESG in 2012, Trevor has a wealth of experience in stack emissions monitoring, firstly as a ‘hands-on’ stack tester since 1996 and secondly as Business Development Manager with a number of different test-houses in the UK & in the Middle East, since 2004. At ESG, Trevor looks after all new business opportunities and works with some of the UK’s highest profile companies, developing appropriate monitoring strategies, and offering in-depth technical advice to clients throughout the UK & Ireland.

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Attendance at Air Quality and Emissions Show

Posted by Trevor Worrall on 24-May-2017 16:43:25

SOCOTEC has a long history of testing air quality and emissions, providing a wide range of monitoring and analytical services across the UK. With the Air Quality and Emissions Show taking place today and tomorrow, Trevor Worrall, business development manager, Air Quality and Emissions, SOCOTEC, was on stand providing advice on air quality monitoring and testing.

With the Emissions conference taking place as part of today’s event, it was the right time for us to catch up with Trevor to find out what had been discussed.

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Topics: Air Quality, Air Testing, Stack Emissions, Air Monitoring

Exhibiting at AQE and ‘Gordon Ramsay’ Makes an Appearance

Posted by Trevor Worrall on 01-May-2015 14:31:00
SOCOTEC, formerly ESG, exhibited at the AQE Show with technical experts on stand providing advice on stack emissions monitoring and testing, air quality monitoring and assessment, as well as environmental monitoring. Even top chef ‘Gordon Ramsay’ made an appearance to rally the visitors…OK so it wasn’t the real Gordon Ramsay with 14 Michelin starred restaurants and the accompanying tirade of colourful language, but a convincing lookalike. Trevor Worrall, Business Development Manager, Built Environment Services, and Amy Parekh-Pross, Technical Marketing Manager, Multi-Sector Services, share their experiences of the two day event.
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Topics: Built Environment Services, Environmental Monitoring, AQE Show, Air Quality, Stack Emissions

Exhibiting at RWM 2014: Day Two

Posted by Trevor Worrall on 18-Sep-2014 14:15:00
Following a busy day on-stand, Trevor Worrall, Business Development Manager for Air & Emissions, Environment & Safety Services, takes a quick break to tell us about Day Two at the RWM exhibition, before heading off to this evening’s gala dinner.
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