Exhibiting at AQE and ‘Gordon Ramsay’ Makes an Appearance

Posted by Trevor Worrall on 01-May-2015 14:31:00
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SOCOTEC, formerly ESG, exhibited at the AQE Show with technical experts on stand providing advice on stack emissions monitoring and testing, air quality monitoring and assessment, as well as environmental monitoring. Even top chef ‘Gordon Ramsay’ made an appearance to rally the visitors…OK so it wasn’t the real Gordon Ramsay with 14 Michelin starred restaurants and the accompanying tirade of colourful language, but a convincing lookalike. Trevor Worrall, Business Development Manager, Built Environment Services, and Amy Parekh-Pross, Technical Marketing Manager, Multi-Sector Services, share their experiences of the two day event.


Trevor: We arrived nice and early to ensure that the stand looked great for our visitors. As soon as the delegates started to arrive, we were all chatting to the prospective clients and Amy and Mandeep were very proactive with enticing visitors with SOCOTEC bags and brochures. The likes of Veolia, Viridor, Drax, Larfarge Tarmac, Ground-Gas Solutions (GGS), Jaguar Land Rover and Treibacher were all in attendance and it was great to have the opportunity to discuss our services with such big names in the industry.

Amy: After a sluggish start, there were plenty of visitors to the stand and we had some interesting technical discussions with visitors covering the testing of Volatiles & BTEX on ATD tubes, types of ATD tubes, factors that impact data variability, how the implementation of robust analytical techniques can be used to account for compound interferences, types of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon tests, metals analysis to BS EN standards and even trends in environmental forensics.


Trevor: There were plenty of recognisable faces that visited the stand from within the industry, but fewer test houses compared to previous years at the exhibition.  As the event is only once every two years, the AQE show can be like a school reunion for me, as you see so many former colleagues and current clients.

We also received numerous enquiries for both stack emissions and environmental monitoring while on stand. The enquiries weren’t limited to just the UK, which was very interesting, as we had discussions with visitors to provide our emissions testing services in both Europe and Saudi Arabia.

We had the opportunity to discuss our stack emissions monitoring and air quality monitoring services with visitors to stand that included, routine periodic monitoring to determine compliance with PPC permit requirements and obligations, calibration of continuous emissions monitoring systems to EN 14181and investigative and process optimisation trials, including the use of cutting edge FTIR technology.




Amy: It was great being on stand with the team from air quality and stack emissions monitoring. We had the opportunity to discuss the environmental monitoring services we can provide to prospective clients from all over Europe including, Italy, Austria and Germany. I was also able to practice my German! Das ist gut!

Trevor: And let’s not forget the Gordon Ramsay lookalike. ‘Gordon’ visited the stand to serve drinks and lunch. Fortunately there was no swearing involved! He was a fun addition to the show and created a lively atmosphere.


Amy: After the first day on stand, we attended the Gala Dinner for exhibitors to the event. The SOCOTEC team looked very polished in their black suits! The Gala was a great opportunity to network outside of the event and in a more relaxed setting to chat with potential clients including the services we offer in relation to Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon analysis on XAD traps, Coal tar testing, Landfill tax for fines and changes to waste guidance.

Trevor:  Yes, overall we had a brilliant time at the AQE Show this year. We were able to meet numerous potential clients, promote the SOCOTEC brand and our capabilities - creating opportunities for future business across Europe, Saudi Arabia and the UK.  

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