Hidden Hazards and How to Find Them

Posted by Paul Tilley on 25-May-2016 13:42:46

Burying utility equipment, such as electricity cables, phone wires, gas and sewage pipes has been general practice in the UK for more than 100 years. Undergrounding these services keeps them out of sight and protects them from being exposed to damaging above-ground elements, such as severe weather or vandalism.

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New Guidance for Safe and Sustainable Infrastructure Development

Posted by John Booth on 10-Dec-2015 13:43:00
Over the next five years, more than 100 major development schemes are due to begin on England’s roads as part of the Government’s Road Investments Plan. This strategy is said to be the biggest upgrade to the country’s roads in a generation. Of the £15 billion being spent, over £9 billion will be invested on significant improvements to existing roads.
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What’s in Your Waste and Why Does it Matter?

Posted by Helen McDonnell on 04-Sep-2015 14:38:00
As the global population increases, so too does the level of waste material being produced. The World Bank estimates that within the next 85 years, humans will generate three times as much waste as we do today.
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