End Preparation of Concrete Cores and the Need for Standardisation

Posted by Roger Rattue on 17-Apr-2018 14:10:31

Finding the ultimate strength of concrete is an important investigation measure used across the built environment to ensure our buildings and other constructions remain structurally sound. When it comes to remedial work, for example, the results from a concrete sample strength test may prove crucial for project compliance as well as the green lighting process for any future works. 

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Topics: Fluids, Greases and Lubricants, oil testing

Keeping Things Moving with Oil Testing

Posted by Peter Hardy on 13-Apr-2018 12:57:34

Lubricants and coolants are an essential component to any moving part. In any industry, including transport, manufacturing and energy generation, equipment failure can be costly and/or dangerous. The testing and analysis of oils, coolants and greases is vital to ensure machinery is effectively lubricated for safe, cost-effective performance and to guarantee the longevity of an asset’s lifespan.

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Topics: Fluids, Greases and Lubricants, oil testing

Oil Testing to Keep Trains Running on Full Throttle

Posted by Dale Green on 30-May-2016 15:11:35

SOCOTEC has a long history of providing oil testing to the rail sector, with its dedicated laboratory dating back to before the privatisation of British Rail in 1996. We work with clients across the rail industry, including operators like Virgin Trains, manufacturers such as Siemens, as well as Network Rail.

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