Fire Accelerant Analysis: Tracing an Incident to its Source

Posted by Paul Walker on 07-Apr-2017 12:32:41

Paul Walker, senior development specialist, Specialist Chemistry, Energy & Waste Services, ESG, explains the science behind fire accelerant analysis, and explores the crucial role it plays in helping fire scene investigators studying incidents for insurance claims.

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Topics: Specialist Chemistry, Forensics, Chemical Analysis, Fire Accelerant Analysis

What the Psychoactive Substances Act Means for ‘Legal Highs’ in Britain

Posted by Fiona Coope on 23-Aug-2016 11:34:28

The Psychoactive Substances Act 2016 has recently come into force, making it an offence to produce, or possess with the intent to supply, psychoactive substances in the UK. SOCOTEC’s forensics director, Fiona Coope, discusses the recent update in legislation.

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Topics: Drug Abuse, Forensics, Drug Analysis

What Does Your Hair Say About You?

Posted by Fiona Coope on 14-Apr-2016 12:36:25

Do you enjoy the odd glass of red in the evenings or do you regularly wake up with a sore head? From a couple of glasses of wine to a heavier in-take, your hair can reveal a lot about your drinking habits.

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Topics: Hair Toxicology, Forensics

When Marshmallow Isn’t Marshmallow

Posted by Fiona Coope on 18-Nov-2015 13:42:00
Illegal drugs continue to be a significant issue across the UK, but it’s not only new psychoactive substances coming onto the market, new methods of cutting existing drugs are appearing too. With this in mind and in order to protect the public, the authorities need the knowledge of toxicology experts and state-of-the-art lab testing facilities so they can identify materials as quickly as possible after they are discovered.
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Topics: Forensics, Toxicology, Chemical Analysis, Drugs of Abuse

A Brief History of Hair Toxicology

Posted by Fiona Coope on 27-Oct-2015 13:41:00
Testing for drug and alcohol abuse can be an important part of occupational health and safety. Fiona Coope, forensics business manager, Energy Services, gives a brief history of hair toxicology for illicit substances screening.
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Topics: Hair Toxicology, Forensics, Occupational Health & Safety, Drugs of Abuse, Drug Analysis

Hair Toxicology: Helping Stop Drug Abuse in Families

Posted by Paul Powles on 21-May-2015 14:34:00
According to the latest data from the Office of National Statistics, drug related deaths in England and Wales are on the increase, with almost 3,000 people dying from substance misuse in 2013 alone.
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Topics: Hair Toxicology, Multi-Sector, Drug Abuse, Forensics, Drugs of Abuse