Characterising Unknowns: Behind the Scenes of Chemical Investigation

Posted by Paul Walker on 24-Mar-2017 14:20:43

It’s amazing what can be found on the UK’s railways and when there are issues, they are not always easy to identify. Paul Walker, senior development specialist, takes us behind the scenes of the specialist chemistry laboratory, to discover the secret behind the characterisation of unknown materials.

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Topics: Specialist Chemistry, Rail, Chemical Analysis, Identifying Unknowns

At The Cutting Edge of Specialist Chemical Analysis

Posted by Paul Walker on 08-Mar-2016 16:15:35

SOCOTEC provides a range of chemical analysis services and tests, including ICP analysis, BTEX testing, air quality analysis, FTIR analysis and metal testing. In this blog, Paul Walker, technical specialist, Infrastructure & Energy Services, describes one of the more unusual cases to come through the laboratory doors.

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Topics: Specialist Chemistry, Chemical Analysis, Identifying Unknowns, Sword

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