Closing the Skills Gap: Finding the Next Generation of Ground Engineer

Posted by Philip Ball on 09-Jan-2018 09:35:07

Britain is building again and the increase in large developments and landmark infrastructure projects are an undoubted boost for the British ground investigation (GI) and ground engineering (GE) industry. But the increasing workload is making the industry’s shortage of skilled field operatives even more apparent, and if the issue is not addressed urgently, it could have a serious long-term impact on the sector.

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Topics: Infrastructure, Ground Engineering

What's in Store for Infrastructure in 2017?

Posted by Jim Murphy on 13-Feb-2017 16:31:06

Jim Murphy, managing director of Infrastructure Services, takes a look at what 2017 has in store for the UK infrastructure sector.


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Topics: Infrastructure, Road Investment, Rail

Discussing the Future of UK Infrastructure at this Year’s CN Summit

Posted by Jim Murphy on 01-Nov-2016 12:09:35

The future of London and the Northern Powerhouse were key themes of day two of the CN Summit 2016. Jim Murphy, managing director, Infrastructure & Energy Services, gives us the low down.

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Topics: Infrastructure

Media Abuzz as Government Clears Heathrow Third Runway for Takeoff

Posted by SOCOTEC on 26-Oct-2016 14:55:47

After so much speculation, the media is today abuzz with the announcement that the Government has finally committed to expanding Heathrow Airport to include a third runway. The development is already polarising opinion in the press, so to save your trawling through individually, we have collated the top Heathrow stories for you here:

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Topics: Infrastructure, Heathrow

Hidden Hazards and How to Find Them

Posted by Paul Tilley on 25-May-2016 13:42:46

Burying utility equipment, such as electricity cables, phone wires, gas and sewage pipes has been general practice in the UK for more than 100 years. Undergrounding these services keeps them out of sight and protects them from being exposed to damaging above-ground elements, such as severe weather or vandalism.

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Topics: Infrastructure, Brownfield Site, Utilities

A Look Back at a Strong Year for Infrastructure

Posted by Jim Murphy on 26-Jan-2016 13:44:00

After a strong year for infrastructure investment across the UK, Jim Murphy, managing director of Infrastructure Services at SOCOTEC, takes a look back at some of the key developments in 2015.

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Topics: Infrastructure, UK Infrastructure, Skills Shortage, 2016 Outlook

Celebrating our Heritage and Technical Expertise at ECSMGE

Posted by Philip Ball on 15-Sep-2015 14:38:00
SOCOTEC, formerly ESG, exhibited at the XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ECSMGE), in Edinburgh. SOCOTEC’s group technical director, Philip Ball, took the time out from his busy schedule of attending keynote lectures, taking part in discussion sessions and advising clients on the latest technical solutions for their projects, to discuss why attending this year’s conference is so important to SOCOTEC.
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