Legionella: Warmer Weather, Greater Risk?

Posted by Paul Sear on 14-Aug-2018 09:06:17

The effects of climate change are hitting the headlines as we continue into our fourth month of high temperatures. Warm weather and hot summer holidays, quite naturally, see an increased use of many water applications. Air conditioning units and associated cooling towers, for example, are in greater demand in the summer, swimming pools are visited more frequently, and hose pipes are pulled out of hibernation for a summer of use.

While many are enjoying the warmest summer for many years, duty holders and responsible persons must be aware of the heightened – and hidden – risk of Legionella in water sources and systems.

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Life of a Water Sample

Posted by Suzanne Kelleher on 26-Apr-2018 14:02:00

A common surprise for many clients is that even a mains water supply contains bacteria. Many people assume that, because water is safe to drink, it is sterile – but this is not the case.  Water companies have a duty to ensure that the water they provide is fit to consume by removing all harmful bacteria - but non-harmful bacteria will remain. With non-harmful bacteria in our domestic systems, water quality can become an issue if it can breed. To confirm the health of your water system, one method includes the microbiological testing of your water systems.

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History of Legionella

Posted by Paul Sear on 29-Sep-2017 15:26:15

With 496 UK cases reported in 2016, Legionnaires’ disease continues to be a major health concern in the UK. Caused by the inhalation of Legionella bacteria which can be present in a diverse range of water systems, Legionnaires’ disease is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia that was first discovered after an outbreak in 1976.

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Behind the Scenes at a Rail Depot: Keeping the Client Compliant

Posted by David Gilmour on 26-Jul-2017 11:23:56

David Gilmour, business manager, Built Environment Services, SOCOTEC, visited the maintenance depot of a long-term rail client for their monthly depot monitoring assessment, as part of SOCOTEC’s services to keep them compliant. Here, David tells us about his day on site to share what goes on behind the scenes.

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Top Tips for the Winterisation of Rail Operations

Posted by David Gilmour on 31-Jan-2017 08:34:22

Winter is well and truly upon us and with this comes a whole host of potential problems for the winterisation of rail operations, keeping trains running safely and to schedule. Here, David Gilmour, business manager – East Kilbride, Built Environment Services, SOCOTEC, has put together his top tips for keeping our railways operational during the worst of the winter weather.

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Legionella On Board Trains: On Track for a Safe Water Supply

Posted by David Heuston on 28-Oct-2016 09:13:27

David Heuston, environmental field team leader, Environment & Safety services, SOCOTEC, explores the risk of legionella in water systems on board trains, and explains what rail operators need to consider to ensure they offer the safest possible environment for passengers and workers.

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Legionella Control in the Rail Industry: Keeping Risk Management on Track

Posted by Paul Sear on 30-Jun-2016 16:30:00

With 485 cases reported in 2015, Legionnaires’ disease continues to be a major health concern in the UK. Paul Sear, national technical manager, water hygiene, Environment & Safety Services, gives his advice on controlling the risks of legionella in the rail industry.

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Who is Responsible for Managing Your Water Systems?

Posted by Paul Sear on 12-Feb-2016 10:42:57

Legionella bacteria are common in nature and can easily colonise and proliferate in man-made environments such as hot and cold water systems, but how do you manage this risk? Paul Sear, water hygiene technical manager, Built Environment Services, SOCOTEC, explains the importance of training.

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Railway Environmental Forum 2015

Posted by Noelyn Allen on 29-Sep-2015 14:40:00
Last week, SOCOTEC, formerly ESG, hosted its annual Railway Environmental Forum at London Underground’s Stratford Depot. Noelyn Allen, business development director, Environment & Safety Services, SOCOTEC, gives us a run-down of the day.
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Topics: Built Environment Services, Asbestos In Soils, Rail, Legionella, Railway Environmental Forum

Keeping your Water Systems Safe by Reducing Legionella Risk

Posted by Paul Sear on 07-Aug-2015 14:37:00
Summer is upon us, bringing with it sunshine and warmer weather. While the heat might be very welcome for those of us who like to spend more time outdoors, it does also create the right conditions for bacteria, like Legionella, to thrive.
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Topics: Built Environment Services, Legionella, Water, Water Systems, Water Management

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