Managing Material Reuse and Waste at Rail Depots

Posted by Charlotte Reeve on 29-Jan-2018 11:57:31

Waste is, quite essentially, any substance that is intended to be discarded. In this modern age, where landfill as a waste disposal option is considered a last resort, maximum material reuse and correct classification of waste is supporting the transition to more sustainable and cost effective material management - including at railways and rail depots.

With rail improvements and renovation nationwide, railway engineering and construction is a big part of the UK’s industry – producing unwanted material as a result.

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Topics: Rail, Contaminated Land, Waste Management

LOI Testing: The Fine Line in Waste Management

Posted by Sarah Gazzola on 08-Mar-2017 11:08:54

Loss on ignition (LOI) testing helps waste management organisations remain compliant with The Landfill Tax (Amendment) Regulations 2015. Here, Sarah Gazzola, commercial manager, Energy & Waste Services, explains the LOI testing process and why it is vital for businesses to understand the chemical make-up of fines in their waste.

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Topics: Energy, Energy & Waste Services, Waste, LOI Testing, Waste Management

2016: Continuing the Energy & Waste Transition

Posted by Declan Burns on 24-Mar-2016 17:14:18

Declan Burns, managing director of Energy & Waste Services, reflects on 2015 and considers the opportunities and challenges that the energy and waste sector faces in 2016 and beyond.

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Topics: Energy, Energy & Waste Services, Drax, EfW, Energy Strategy, Nuclear, Waste, 2016 Outlook, WAC Testing, Waste Management, Power Generation, Waste Acceptance Criteria, Nuclear Decommissioning

SOCOTEC Offers Five-Day Turnaround on WAC Testing as Standard

Posted by Declan Burns on 29-Jul-2015 14:00:00
Declan Burns, managing director, Energy & Waste Services, explains the motivation to offer a five-day turnaround on WAC testing as standard and SOCOTEC’s client focussed approach to business.
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Topics: WM3, Energy & Waste Services, Waste, WAC Testing, Waste Management

Maybe She’s Born With it…Maybe it’s Landfill Leachate

Posted by Amy Parekh-Pross on 25-Jun-2015 14:37:00
Recently, SOCOTEC, formerly ESG. presented at Brownfield Briefing in partnership with FCC Environment. The event focused on new techniques and practical solutions for cost-effective risk assessment and remediation of groundwater.
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Topics: Energy & Waste Services, Landfill, Groundwater, Waste, WAC Testing, Waste Management

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