Life of a Water Sample

Posted by Suzanne Kelleher on 26-Apr-2018 14:02:00

A common surprise for many clients is that even a mains water supply contains bacteria. Many people assume that, because water is safe to drink, it is sterile – but this is not the case.  Water companies have a duty to ensure that the water they provide is fit to consume by removing all harmful bacteria - but non-harmful bacteria will remain. With non-harmful bacteria in our domestic systems, water quality can become an issue if it can breed. To confirm the health of your water system, one method includes the microbiological testing of your water systems.

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Investing in the Future of the Water Industry

Posted by Mick Pratt on 29-Mar-2018 13:35:53

With an increasing focus on the requirements for efficiency and sustainability in the water industry, it is also becoming increasingly important that the sector is equipped with skilled staff and experienced technicians to meet those requirements.

Mick Pratt, Commercial Director – Water, Environment and Safety, discusses how we’re helping to secure the future of the water industry by supporting the development of technicians, engineers and water consultants whilst also improving the technology and processes through collaborative research programmes and academic partnerships.

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History of Legionella

Posted by Paul Sear on 29-Sep-2017 15:26:15

With 496 UK cases reported in 2016, Legionnaires’ disease continues to be a major health concern in the UK. Caused by the inhalation of Legionella bacteria which can be present in a diverse range of water systems, Legionnaires’ disease is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia that was first discovered after an outbreak in 1976.

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Taking a look at EU Biocidal Product legislation

Posted by Jon Fielder on 11-Sep-2017 11:45:57

Navigating the health and safety legislation surrounding the use of biocides can sometimes be a daunting task, with legal jargon and heavy wording complicating an already testing subject matter. Jon Fielder, technical director for Water Treatment Equipment, Environment & Safety, SOCOTEC, breaks through the noise to decipher what you need to know about the EU Biocidal Products Legislation.

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No Need to Compromise on Resource Efficiency When It Comes to Water Treatment

Posted by Mick Pratt on 16-Jun-2017 13:08:14

This article first appeared in the June issue of Building Services and Environmental Engineer (BSEE) Magazine.

Mick Pratt, commercial director, Water, Built Environment Services, SOCOTEC, explores how duty holders of commercial and other public buildings can ensure water systems in their care not only meet safety requirements but also boost resource efficiency. 

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Struggling With Cold Water Systems in High End City Properties?

Posted by Paul Gueran on 30-Sep-2016 13:56:53

High end residential properties coveted by the rich, famous and business elite are sprouting up all over London. This is great news for the property market, but these buildings are not without their design challenges.


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Who is Responsible for Managing Your Water Systems?

Posted by Paul Sear on 12-Feb-2016 10:42:57

Legionella bacteria are common in nature and can easily colonise and proliferate in man-made environments such as hot and cold water systems, but how do you manage this risk? Paul Sear, water hygiene technical manager, Built Environment Services, SOCOTEC, explains the importance of training.

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Keeping your Water Systems Safe by Reducing Legionella Risk

Posted by Paul Sear on 07-Aug-2015 14:37:00
Summer is upon us, bringing with it sunshine and warmer weather. While the heat might be very welcome for those of us who like to spend more time outdoors, it does also create the right conditions for bacteria, like Legionella, to thrive.
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Better L8 than never...Revision to Legionella Control in Water Systems

Posted by Paul Sear on 17-Jul-2015 14:04:00
After more than 13 years, The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has finally updated its guidance for legionella management and control, with the revision of ‘Legionnaires’ disease: The control of legionella bacteria in water system Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) L8’ and publication of the new ‘Technical Guidance HSG 274’. In our latest blog, Paul Sear, technical manager at SOCOTEC discusses the changes and explains what organisations need to know.
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Facilities Show 2015: Breaking the ice

Posted by Rachel Sargent on 17-Jun-2015 14:36:00
Phew! Day one of the Facilities Show 2015 certainly proved to be a busy one – the kind of day that, if you’d have blinked, you’d have missed it!
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