What’s in Your Waste and Why Does it Matter?

Posted by Helen McDonnell on 04-Sep-2015 14:38:00
As the global population increases, so too does the level of waste material being produced. The World Bank estimates that within the next 85 years, humans will generate three times as much waste as we do today.
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Topics: WM3, Asbestos, Brownfield Site, Energy & Waste Services, Waste

SOCOTEC Offers Five-Day Turnaround on WAC Testing as Standard

Posted by Declan Burns on 29-Jul-2015 14:00:00
Declan Burns, managing director, Energy & Waste Services, explains the motivation to offer a five-day turnaround on WAC testing as standard and SOCOTEC’s client focussed approach to business.
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Topics: WM3, Energy & Waste Services, Waste, WAC Testing, Waste Management

Solving Hydrocarbon Analysis Mysteries

Posted by Amy Parekh-Pross on 23-Jun-2014 14:03:00
In our first blog, Technical Marketing Manager, Amy Parekh-Pross, explains why scheduling laboratory tests for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPHs) shouldn’t be seen as a secret art.
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Topics: Hydrocarbon Analysis, Fuel Testing, WM3